• Quality Policy

Quality Policy

It expresses the attitude in ensuring the quality management system in the company.

The aim of our quality policy is:

  • Continuously develop the company towards new and more quality products by means of a targeted development forecasting the needs of the market and by means of extending our programme of products/services and searching for new marketing possibilities.
  • Meet customers' requirements as far as possible, while reaching the highest possible quality of the delivered production, provided services and all the related activities.
  • Strengthen the economic power and stability of the company, however under the condition of getting the best possible results as regards the efficiency and the process effectiveness.
  • Provide evidence proving the application of the quality management system, the maintenance of its integrity and stating activities of the continuous improvement of its efficiency in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001:2000 and the Q+ Survey regarding the evaluation of suppliers. 
  • Ensure the availability of necessary sources and information to support process functions including their monitoring.
  • Continuously improve processes based on the revision, objective measuring and application of adopted actions.
  • Ensure the safe and ecologically suitable working environment for all activities to be performed.
  • Take care of the development of knowledge and improvement of skills of all employees, who are needed to ensure the quality in the company.
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